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Will The Future Of Bayless Be Bright?
Bayless Residents Will Decide: First BEACON Meeting was held May 24

For more information contact Dr. Maureen Clancy – May at 314-544-6314

ST. LOUIS, MO. May 2004 – A changing population, increased state and federal standards and aging facilities are only a few of the many challenges facing the Bayless School District. The District is inviting its residents to examine these challenges and create solutions through a public engagement process, known as BEACON (Bayless Education for Advancing Children and Our Neighborhoods).

BEACON held its first meeting Monday, May 24 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Bayless Elementary cafeteria, 4530 Weber Rd.

Participants learned more about the BEACON public engagement process, meet the community co-chairs and work on a small-group activity that will help determine the direction of BEACON .

BEACON will involve citizens in developing recommendations that, upon implementation, will provide a bright future for the District. The group will meet two to three times a month until August to study key issues, define the District’s needs and reach consensus on potential solutions.

The recommendations, for consideration by the Board of Education, will follow a study of the District's finances, curriculum, facilities and other topics decided by participants.

"Our District is facing some unique challenges and opportunities and it is up to our community to find solutions and options for these.  We are looking forward to involving the entire community in this exciting process," explains Assistant Superintendent Dr. Maureen Clancy-May.

The entire community has been invited to participate in the process. Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to register by calling 314-544-6363 or e-mailing BEACON@BAYLESS.K12.mo.us . The BEACON community chairs will present recommendations to the Board of Education by mid-August.

For more information contact Dr. Maureen Clancy – May at 314-544-6314

 Visit the official Bayless High School District website

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