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Will we celebrate our 41st anniversary in 2004!

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  It's been 41 years for the Class of 63!  What's everyone doing now?  We're all around 58 years old and well in to the new millenium.  In the discussion area, you'll find comments by De Hylla, Gail Egendoerfer, Pat Luppens, Merle Busch, Sandy Vogt, Jack Newcom, Rick Froehlich, Sharon Weber, Cathy Musket, Paul Walhus and hopefully others will join us soon.  We've recently made contact with Jim Daniels and Rich Reinheimer. 

Guess the photo contest! Sandy Vogt first guessed who the 63 Bayless grad was in the picture, the picture was of Edith Jung. We sent Sandy an autographed Rebecca Lobo basketball, a Spring XL reprint, and a wall plaque of the website for guessing first. Identify the person in the picture and you too will win some prizes like Sandy Vogt did.  Previous winners do not qualify.  Answers have to be posted in the topic, not emailed.  Send us your current picture and we'll publish it in our gallery.  Like Sandy says, the yearbook pictures are too easy. Send us your picture and we'll scan and post it here (Paul Terry Walhus, 182 Clover Rd, Cedar Creek, TX 78612). Or better yet, email it to . . . tell us about yourself.

Here's your complete list of the class of 1963. Corrections or additions welcome!  It's growing with your help but we need your help.  Where are you, Bayless High grad?  Check out our photo gallery which consists of most of the 63 Oracle.

We'll give space to any other Bayless High classes that want to revel in their past like the '63 class is doing.  Just email 




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