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Many of these addresses are "guesses" found on various search engines. An "x" by a name means that it's been coming up blank in the search engines or we can't locate this classmate. Bold type indicates a contact verified by phone, email or regular mail. Italics refer to our silent classmates.   Note that only twelve people are in bold, that's only 12%, I'm hoping Kay Mallard or someone can email me some information on some other folks. - Paul Terry Walhus

New.  We're going to start adding comments after we contact some of these folks. 

Please email your additions and corrections to

  1. Judy Aurin Wood, in touch with Sandy Finigian Trenz
  2. Timothy Ayers 910-658-2611 Rt 1 Box 20 Hornsby TN 38044 
  3. Gerald Bachmann 618-667-2300? 506 Edwardsville Rd? Troy? IL? 62294?  
  4. Peggie or Peggy? Brehm Tesdall  2908 Linden Lea Irving TX 75061
  5. Marlene Brown x
  6. Nancy Brundick Herndon 314-631-4849 9911 Vasel Dr St Louis MO 63123
  7. Joan Byrne Anderson 314-225-7431 1131 Great Falls Ct Manchester MO 63011
  8. Ana Canas
  9. Jim Carr 1850 Myrtle Dr SW Atlanta GA 30311 404-?  Jim played guard on the basketball team. Hallmark Cards designer. 
  10. Dianna Cashon x
  11. Karen Cawein x
  12. Suzanne Colley 314-240-6615 Susan
  13. Gary Craig - He was friends with Bob Hbrnik.
  14. James Daniels - 
    E-mail Wannabedvr@aol Phone 636 677 3120 Address 5917 Starlite Dr, High Ridge, Mo. 63049
    Jim's retired as Assistant Chief from High Ridge Fire District last year.  He still remains active with their dive team and Mid Mo Search and Rescue.  He has 4 children and he and his wife just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. - s
  15. Orvil DeNoyer x
  16. Charles Dorn
  17. Gail Egendoerfer Agnew 314-968-4922 5461 Kenrick Parke Dr St Louis MO 63119 - Gail's son Eric lives and works in Austin, Texas.  Gail works at Washington Univ Med School, her moms 90 now, living in Affton, MO.
  18. Patricia Emery 405 S Oak Cole Camp MO 65325
  19. Carol Endermuhle 573-358-1666? 9487 Opal Ct French Village MO 63036 Dines with friends, Gardens, Listens to music, Reads, Spends time with family, Surfs the Internet, Takes classes, does Volunteer work Widowed has 2 children - from
  20. Richard Fava
  21. Sandra Finigian Trenz and Bob 636-458-3629 or 994-5794 pager Bridle Trail, W, Glencoe, MO 63038 Wildwood, MO
  22. Jim Fox deceased - Jim was a great actor
  23. David Friedman
  24. Rick Froelich 314-629-6463 314-487-1252? 4703 Pineglen Ct St Louis MO 63128 - Rick's got some kind of candy, lollipop biz in the St. Louis area.  
  25. Otto R? Gestring 314-846-2985 7128 Tall Oak Dr St Louis MO 63129
  26. Barbara Gray
  27. Bernard Grewe
  28. Robert Grofe
  29. Bill Groth 314-749-8148  4531 Little Rock Rd St Louis MO 63128 - Bill was center on the basketball team and his dad was on the School Board.  He dated Kay Mallard.
  30. John "Terry" Hanley - Naples FL - Terry played guard on the basketball team.
  31. Norman Herman - deceased
  32. Gretchen Herpolsheimer 314-454-1882 henry
  33. Sandra Hoeser 314-631-6579? 823-7886? 4417 Schmittwoods Ct? St Louis MO? 63123?
  34. Robert Hribernik Flat Rock, NC "Wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well in Flat Rock, NC. Just took an early out from Baxter Healthcare in Chicago where I was Vice President of Global Supply Chain and a member of the Executive Operations Board of the  company. My wife Jo Ann and I are really enjoying our life of leisure. I have two daughters Leigh and Susan who both live in North Carolina."
  35. Mary (Marion?) Hug Krause 314-481-3270? 398 Lockport Av Port Charlotte FL 33952
  36. Helen Huth deceased - Helen died crossing the bridge over the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau when she was in her early twenties, she was a talented actress and a great writer.  The world was deprived of some great poetry with her passing and we lost a wonderful human being.
  37. Delores "De" Hylla Christiansen 314-544-0606 846 Catskill Dr St Louis MO 63125-2512  De is a kick, she's so outspoken and talkative.   I think her son's a policeman in St. Louis. And it is De and not Dee.
  38. Newsom Jack F 314-849-1482 314-729-7141 
  39. Sandra Janesko Rapley 314-846-2529? 2909 Point Dr? St Louis? MO 63129?
  40. Roberts Johna 405-733-7130? 2316 Grapevine Oklahoma City OK 73130
  41. Roberts Johna 915-833-8946? 916 Chiricahua Dr El Paso TX 79912
  42. Edith Jung Graeff ? 1983 Centurion Dr Valley Park MO zip? Edith's one of those memorable people, talkative and outgoing.
  43. Nancee Keller
  44. Marlene Kickel? Wildhaber? 314-2910915? 4817185? 4819402i 8926437? 3749572? 8500 Philo St Louis MO 63123  Marlene was great to me in high school, she dated a big tall senior and seemed to be advanced for her age.
  45. Sandra Knopf 805-297-8768 not her Newhall CA - Sandy just lived down the street and I remember visiting her a few times.
  46. Jo Ann Kramer now Joann Ballard (
  47. Lynn Lanigan
  48. Carla Larwill - married Steve Mezines O'Fallon MO. 636-281-8858
  49. James Leonard
  50. Sandra Leopold - rumor is that she married (and divorced) Jim Robison.  Unconfirmed.
  51. Paul Lochirco 703-369-0257 good number, left message 2/22/2004 10500 Terminal Rd Manassas VA 22111 - I hear that he's flying now, a pilot.  He had the hair that was flat on the top and swept back on the sides.  
  52. Donald Loos
  53. Pat Luppens 757-523-5826 3905 Cobb Av Chesapeake VA 23325 - Pat's pursuing his hobbies of boating and fishing in Virginia.  He's happily married and was kind enough to send me a an old yearbook which helped in compiling this website.  
  54. Kay Mallard Stark 636-456-5253 RR 1 Warrenton MO Kay's really fun to talk to on the phone, her husband and her have a very successful publishing business and she's helping organize a 40th reunion in St. Louis.
  55. JoAnne Marsh
  56. Phyliss Medling x
  57. Susan Metz 314-427-8351? 3400 Havenbrook Dr? St Louis? MO? 63114?
  58. Steve Mezines 314-281-8858 7109 Oak Stream Dr O Fallon MO 63366 married Carla Larwill
  59. Rickey Morris, deceased - Rickey seemed to be a very bright, extremely kind and courteous individual.  
  60. Ted Murray - A big guy, he was the only tall guy we had on our basketball team.  He evolved in to a good player, but it took some determination and practice on his part.
  61. Cathy Musket Dickemper 314-458-3629 2113 Babler Ridge Ln Wildwood MO 63038 with Rich Riemann in Branson MO? 417-332-1026? lives on the lake somewhere
  62. Harold Naegele
  63. Sharon O'Neal
  64. Glenn Pauly
  65. Helen Perak 757-523-5826? 5529 Annandale Rd Virginia Beach VA 23454
  66. Dianne Prasek x
  67. Karen Quinn x
  68. John "Skip" Radick -  406-995-4763 995-something fax Big Sky? MT? 59716? - "Skip" was a guard on the basketball team.
  69. George Rapley 314-846-2529? 2909 Point Dr? St Louis? MO 63129?
  70. Robert Rau
  71. Michael Reagan deceased
  72. Richard Reinheimer P.O. Box 1066, Logandale, Nevada 89021 (which is about 45 minutes from Las Vegas).  My email address is    I moved here is April. Logandale is an hour north of Las Vegas.  Rich had two kids with first wife, who are now 33 and 30.  Another 20 year old son with second wife.  Rich remembered Bill Bradley, the great Crystal City basketball player who threw a pass to a kid who was to make an easy layup for the State Championship, but he missed it. 
  73. Patricia Rice 573-328-4317? 816-941-0220? RR2? 400 E Red Bridge Rd? Qulin? KC? MO? 63961? 64131?
  74. Johna Roberts x
  75. James Robison - rumor is that he married (and divorced) Sandy Leopold.  Unconfirmed.
  76. Melvin Roeder
  77. Shirley Ross
  78. Eileen Rotty
  79. Linda Routzong
  80. Barbara Rudy x
  81. Karen Schaller, now Karen Moore ( 
  82. Kathleen Seemiller St Louis? MO
  83. Ben Smith x
  84. Patricia Smith x
  85. Joseph Stitz deceased
  86. Barbara Story 314-240-6662? 15 Forest Pine Ct? O Fallon? MO? 63366? 
  87. Jackie Traum, now Jacqueline Brown (
  88. Sandra Vogt Whalen 309-483-6155 POB 4 Oneida IL 61467 Sandy became a teacher and met her husband at Mizzou in a PE class.
  89. Kay A Wagner
  90. Paul Terry Walhus 512-699-4000 cell or 512-581-9617 home 182 Clover Rd Cedar Creek TX 78612 , this site and 40 more
  91. Alan Walters
  92. Sharon Weber 314-? 15279 Lockcrest Chesterfield MO 63017
  93. Janet Weber Hoffman 816-732-5351 1010 Rawlins Holden MO 64040
  94. Kenneth Wickey 314-? 551 Larksmore Ct Ballwin MO 63021
  95. Russell Wiegert 314-638-4863 4611 Hanover Av St Louis MO 63123
  96. Virginia Williams
  97. Jeraldean Wolff x
  98. Gary Wolz 816-? 1200 Main St KC MO 64105 - I literally ran in to Gary running at full speed on the basketball court and bear a scar on my forehead to this day commemorating that collision.
  99. Nancy Woods
  100. Kim Wunderlich deceased
  101. Terry Youngman

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  12. knows Carla Larwill Mezines,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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